Make every communication count

What is it?

In a nutshell, what have you got to say, to whom and why? A good comms strategy will anchor your communications to your objectives so that every communication counts. Once that’s done, a straight-forward communications plan will ensure everybody know what’s happening, where and when. Simple.

The Purposeful Marketing solution

Whether it’s internal, external, digital or social, I’ll help you plan communications that align with your mission, write content that inspires your audiences, and deliver comms that nail your objectives.

Do you need:

  • Communications audit and review to understand what needs to change
  • Audience research to understand what makes them tick
  • Communications strategy to align comms with your objectives
  • Communications planning so everyone knows what’s happening, on what channel and when.
  • Copy writing or editing to engage and inspire the people that matter to you

Case Study.

The social enterprise Renaisi runs employability programmes and offers a research & evaluation service to charities and funders. They are leader in place-based working, using ‘place’ as a lens to view issues and a tool to create inclusive social change.


  • Communications strategy
  • Communications planning
  • Copywriting and editing


“Louise has helped us to achieve a significant shift in our whole communications strategy through a wide variety of support. As a result, we have a much clearer message about our complex objectives, and we’re able to articulate it, build on it and connect our communications through to our business development. Her mix of skills, understanding of our sector, and willingness to work collaboratively with all colleagues has been essential in driving this change.”
John Hitchin, CEO.